Pedro Aguilar is a London-based photographer and artist with over 20 years of professional experience.
His passion for image-making has led him to collaborate with many international brands and advertising agencies, as a photographer as well as offering a full creative-postproduction service from his studio in west London.
Born in Linares, Spain, he studied Fine Art at Seville's University and Brighton's University (Fine Art MA). His professional career begun in London with the creation of Diver&Aguilar in 2007 and as as solo artist since 2014.
Awards include GRAPHIS, c de c (Club de Creativos) and EPICA. His work has appeared twice in Lürzer's Archive Best 200 Advertising Photographers Worldwide and recent clients include Unilever, LOLA Mullen Lowe, W+K Amsterdam, Levi's, Nike, Wonderland and Schön! magazine.​​​​​​​

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